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If you clicked the 'submit an article' link, it’s probably because you are interested in writing for freelancesupermarket.com

You have sat down and written an outstanding article, but is your article just going to be collecting dust? Or maybe reach a couple of potential customers only?

The answer of course is no. At freelancesupermarket.com you can submit your articles and have them syndicated across the web to reach thousands of visitors eager to find free articles and free content for their web sites.

Freelancesupermarket.com lets you submit articles, share knowledge with potential customers, receive worldwide recognition and also enjoy the following:

1. Free advertising:
Inside your resource box you can link back to your site. This is free advertising for your site. The article will also most likely be read by people interested in the topic of the article therefore people most likely to use the services which your business offers. If you also set up a user account on freelancesupermarket.com, your submitted articles can also be linked to your user account, making it even easier for visitors to find our about your services.

2. Viral Marketing:
You post one article to a directory and that same article can start to appear on many other websites at the same time. This technology is called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). If you didn't know yet, the power of RSS is simply wonderful. Big websites could potentially pick up and post your articles on their sites.
Some webmasters will pick up your articles and forward them to others, who forward them to others again. Soon, you could discover that your article has been published on hundreds of websites within days.

3. Boost Your Personal and Business Credibility:
Publishing your articles on Freelancesupermarket.com boosts your credibility and begins the trust cycle with your readership. For many authors, being listed with Freelancesupermarket.com is an excellent way to get started, especially if you are a published author or hope to be published soon.

4. Bring traffic to your site:
By distributing your article all over the web you can bring traffic from all different kinds of areas. Imagine your article is about technology, but it ends up being posted on a business article directory and read by executives who could potentially authorise the buying of your product by their company.

5. Generate Sales and Leads even without a site:
Even if you do not own a website, having an article online can act as your website. Just make sure your article is well written and doesn't sound too commercial. Your article can be an example of your business and can include contact information like your email address allowing potential clients to reach you.

How Do I Submit my Articles to freelancesupermarket.com?
Article submission could not be easier at freelancesupermarket.com. Simply email your article and short (50 word) bio to articles@freelancesupermarket.com. Remember to include a URL link that will be displayed with your biography.

Is there a fee to submit articles on freelancesupermarket.com?
No, we do not charge for article publication or pay for content submitted. We run advertising on our site to help us keep the site running free of charge.

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