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There are over 100 Umbrella Companies in the UK employing thousands of contractors, but what exactly is an Umbrella Company and why do we need them?

After reading these pages, you may want to search for an Umbrella Company or check out our Umbrella League Table. If you still have questions, please visit our freelance forum where help is at hand. Remember, you can always sign up to our freelance directory and showcase your services online.

What is covered in this section:

Umbrellas - a neat service to contractors and agencies
Best Umbrella Company - who is the best in class?
IR35, HMRC and the Law - the importance of compliance
Employment Status - employed or self employed?
Expenses - a detailed guide of what can be claimed
Umbrella Payments - salary & expenses, no dividends
Questions to ask - expect the right answers or leave
Your Payslip - what the umbrella payslip looks like

We're always looking for contributions to our Umbrella Resources section. If you feel we are missing information on a particular subject, please either contact us direct or perhaps submit your content by email. All contributions will be cited with the appropriate links.

If you are short on time, here is a list of the top ten umbrella companies, rated by service, compliance, and weekly / monthly fee structure.

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