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Environmental Sector Jobs

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One of the most important areas of opportunity for the UK’s future economic growth is the environmental, low carbon and renewable energy sector. The sector is projected to grow substantially in the next decade as the need to find sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels becomes more urgent. Developing and deploying low carbon technologies is key to meeting the UK’s long term targets on climate change, with the UK government setting an ambitious target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050. At present around 880,000* people are employed in the sector, including people working within the supply chain. Many of the jobs are in renewable energy industries, but around half are in emerging low carbon areas such as alternative fuels and low carbon design and development. There are also tens of thousands of people employed in service industries such as environmental consultancy and carbon finance. Current estimates suggest that by 2015 the low carbon and green manufacturing sector could be worth as much as £150 billion in the UK, with 400,000* new jobs created. The transition to a low carbon economy will require new technical skills and the redeployment of existing skills. environmentalsectorjobs.co.uk has been launched to respond to the growing need for employers to secure the right skills in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a move to a low carbon economy. *Source: BERR more »

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