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Photo of Mary Townsend

Mary Townsend

Job Title:Graphic Designer
Industry:Media & Creative
Location:Greater London
Available for work:Yes
Member since:November 2009

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Trading name:NetStrengths
Areas covered:Greater London
Desired contract duration:Not Provided

About My Services:

No matter how great a piece of promotional material looks, it's not working hard enough if it doesn't connect with your market. With over 25 years experience of helping clients, large and small, I know how to work with you to understand and achieve your objectives. NetStrengths' design studio is able to offer the most practical, cost-effective, creative and well planned solutions for your promotional needs within the confines of a realistic budget and without compromising quality! more »


  • Expert in Photoshop
  • Expert in Illustrator
  • Experienced with QuarkXpress


  • Dip. Art & Design

What Makes Me Great:

As a graphic designer with over 20 years professional experience, I’m committed to creating more than eye-catching promotional material for clients. When someone searches for a graphic designer, I realise they’re really looking for a result. It’s not about me, it’s about finding the solution that will help them raise their profile, increase their profit, grow their business... whatever meets their goals. My answer is to produce work that identifies the client’s brand, interacts with their other marketing material and communicates effectively with their target audience. After working towards a Diploma in Art & Design at the London College of Printing (now the London College of Communication) I worked for several London advertising and design agencies. Liaising with copywriters, photographers, web builders, printers and marketing professionals, has given me the insight and expertise to produce attention-grabbing designs for my clients. I’ve designed all manner of marketing material: logos; corporate stationery; brand identity; brochures; newsletters; flyers; posters; point of sale; advertisements; websites and content; caricatures; exhibition displays and more. Clients have included household names, international brands and local businesses, in all types of industries and some charitable organisations too. From the outset, I’ve been aware of the importance of keeping my finger on the pulse of new trends – both in design and technology. I continue to learn - upgrading and polishing my skills online and in print - so that I can consistently bring energetic and innovative ideas to the table. On a personal note, I’m friendly, helpful and unflappable. If I think there’s a better way to do something or an idea that might fit a client’s purposes better, I will make it known. I will advise whenever required and will always flag up a potential problem (with the corrective solution) if the need arises. Visualising the possibilities, giving clients a choice and adapting ideas to suit, is part and parcel of design. I don’t penalise clients for making revisions. It’s not finished until they’re 100% satisfied. I want to develop ongoing relationships where possible so it’s very important to me that clients are not only delighted with my work but that they’re happy to work with me too.more »

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