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Photo of Richard Haigh

Richard Haigh

Job Title:Implementation Manager
Industry:IT, Web & Programming
Available for work:Yes
Member since:September 2009

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About My Services:

Richard has 10 years experience working with IT/IS projects in the publishing industry. He is used to working with large organisations such as Unisys, Microsoft, News International, Northcliffe, Trinity Mirror and dealing with their suppliers and in-house teams. His roles have been exclusively customer facing and he is recognised as being excellent at fostering client relationships and maintaining them. He has a sound technical background but can communicate at all levels and is particularly known for his ability to explain the value of technical solutions and to liaise between the client and development teams. He is used to working under high-pressure and often helps senior management make critical decisions in this environment. He has a love for new technology and often spots opportunities to enhance current practices through using it. Whilst working for smaller organisations he has benefited from a broad exposure to all aspects of the business and has strengthened this with his own studies. He is recognised as an engaging team player who is keen to learn and passionate about his work. He is respected and trusted by his clients.more »


  • Projects Prince/SCRUM
  • IS/IT Implementation
  • Windows


  • MCSE

What Makes Me Great:

- Helping clients make the business case justifications for systems and upgrades through pre-sales activities such as working with their architects and/or project managers. - Performing pre-sales pilots to show systems benefits leading to product sales. - Supporting sales activities through product demonstrations at client meetings and trade events. - Introduction of new technologies leading to client upgrades and new development avenues. - Maintaining client relationships through problematic projects to retain their trust and ongoing business. - Client issue resolution, escalation and prioritisation leading to continuation of support contracts. - Proactive issue identification leading to further client engagement. - Management of a team of 5 engineers and application specialists to provide successful implementation and support of Tera’s product range including 24/7 critical system support. - Helping client project managers plan and execute Scrum iterations or Prince2 stages leading to more in-depth involvement with these projects. - Creation and maintenance of test environments for new software releases to improve quality standards. - Implementation of support management software to increase the efficiency and quality of Tera’s support offering and allow management reporting. more »

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