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Photo of Su Johnstone

Su Johnstone

Agency:Pimp Limited
Job Title:Owner, Pimp Limited
Industry:Media & Creative
Location:Greater London
Member since:August 2009

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Areas covered:Greater London
Recruitment Experience:More than 10 Years

About My Services:

Su Johnstone is a leading light in our industry with regard to achieving 'best practice' in the complex arena of holistic production. Her unique working experience which includes: strategy, design, artwork, project management, reprographics, purchasing, procurement and print; has enabled her to build a steadfast reputation. Managing global branding projects from brief right through to print production and press passing; for companies such as: The Woolwich (now Barclays), Elida Fabergé, Kimberley Clark and Mars (Masterfoods - Pedigree).more »


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What Makes Me Great:

Su's ability to: design and implement automated workflows, write time and cost saving processes and procedures, clarify approval systems and introduce global communication solutions; has earned her the respect and recall with Allied Domecq Global (now Beam Global Spirits & Wine) and British American Tobacco International.more »

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