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Photo of Devon Clancy

Devon Clancy

Agency:Pimp Limited
Job Title:Consultant
Industry:Media & Creative
Location:Greater London
Member since:July 2009

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Areas covered:Greater London
Recruitment Experience:2 Years

About My Services:

Over the past five years, Pimp has been successfully helping companies within the creative industry, find freelance and permanent staff. Pimp’s client list has grown through recommendation and reputation only, as until recently, Pimp had never advertised. Pimp look after: designers, creative directors, artworkers, retouchers, account managers, account directors, copywriters, digital illustrators, 3d and structural designers, production and creative services specialists, fmcg planners and even brand stylists and creative strategists: all of whom are carefully selected to join our Pimp team.more »


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What Makes Me Great:

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