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Steve Sawyer

Job Title:Managing Director
Industry:IT, Web & Programming
Available for work:Yes
Member since:May 2009

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Trading name:Yorktech Solutions
Areas covered:Yorkshire
Desired contract duration:1 - 3 months

About My Services:

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE & KEY SKILLS • The design, creation and support of relational databases for Sybase, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008. The creation of stored procedures, functions, triggers and use of SQL Server data migration services (DTS packages and SSIS) to migrate, export and install databases. • The use and development of reporting software utilising reporting tools such as Microsoft Reporting Services and Crystal Reports. • Analysis of business processes, systems, data files and software to develop business strategies and new systems. • The design and programming of n-tier architectures. Business object and class design utilising UML modelling tools i.e. Sparx Enterprise Architect, Visio and Microsoft Enterprise Architect. • Development of SOA based system architectures using web services (SOAP and REST) and XML. • Use of iterative software development process frameworks such as RUP • Test driven development (TDD) using Visual Studio Team System and Nunit. • ORM based rapid development utilising tools such as Codesmith, Nhibernate, Subsonic, LINQ to SQL and the Microsoft Entity Framework. • Programming in: - C# and VB.NET via Visual Studio .NET 1-3.5 sp1 and also ASP.NET, Microsoft Office VBA, Microsoft C++, VB Script, JavaScript, SQL and T-SQL. This includes data access, COM, COM+, ActiveX, ADO, ADO.NET, MTS, ODBC, OLE, DDE, Windows API, DLL’s, front-end GUI design, object-oriented programming, SOAP, Web Services (WCF) and XML and XSLT. • Using the Microsoft enterprise libraries to develop scalable and robust systems. • Development of AJAX websites utilising .NET Ajax extensions and JavaScript libraries. • Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Smart Phone development with .NET C# and VB • Design and create web applications, e-commerce web sites and web services using HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript(Jquery, MooTools, Prototype etc), VBScript, DHTML and Ruby on Rails. Utilise web application tools such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft .NET. The utilisation and configuration of web servers such as IIS6/7 and Apache. • Accessible web design using XHTML and CSS • SharePoint MOSS development including the development of web parts and applications to run in the SharePoint environment. more »


  • ASP.NET c# SQL .NET 3.5 sp1 javascript


  • Not Provided

What Makes Me Great:

I am a dedicated professional with over 17 years industry experience, many with leading blue chip clients. Accustomed to working on own initiative often in customer facing roles. I have excellent communication skills with a positive, cheerful approach, even under pressure.more »

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