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Christopher Best

Job Title:Managing Director & Pr…
Industry:Other Freelance
Available for work:Yes
Member since:January 2009

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Trading name:CDB Consulting Ltd.
Areas covered:Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Greater London, Hampshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex (East and West)more »
Desired contract duration:< 1 month

About My Services:

CDB Consulting is an Independent Security Consultancy, providing a wide range of Business and Domestic/Residential security services for Clients in the Public and Private Sectors. We are specialists in providing appropriate, impartial cost effective solutions to counter the threat of common and serious organised crime against vulnerable physical, personnel and Technological targets. We also provide Risk Management (mitigation)services to Public and Private Sector clients considered to be at risk from violent crimes, such as terrorism, political violence, armed robbery, piracy, hijacking, etc.. CDB Consulting also provides specialist skills and competency training for UK Security, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies. more »


  • Security and Intelligence related.
  • Physical, Personnel & Technological Securi…


  • MBA. Consultant/Trainer/Instructor/Lecturer.

What Makes Me Great:

Nearly 40 years practical experience in security and intelligence enables me to provide a professional, confidential, competent, credible, and cost effective service. Client orientated - providing a caring, professional service by always putting the client's interests first.more »

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Can be contacted by Contractors:YES
Can be contacted by Agents:YES
Can be contacted by Agencies:YES
Can be contacted by Umbrellas:YES
Can be contacted by ASPs:YES
Can be contacted by Clients:YES

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Period:01.10.05 - 31.12.14
Job Title:Independent Security Consultant
Industry:Other Freelance
Location:UK mainland
Description:All my clients require total confidentiality, which includes anonymity, due to the nature of the business. My Clients come from Commercial, Business, Maritime, Private (Domestic/Residential), Government and Individuals.more »

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