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Photo of Roger Waltham

Roger Waltham

Job Title:Freelance Writer and E…
Industry:Writing & Proofreading
Available for work:Yes
Member since:October 2008

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Trading name:Professional Wordsm…
Areas covered:Not Provided
Desired contract duration:Not Provided

About My Services:

A highly competent and accomplished Business-to-Business writer. Marketing. Direct Mail. Web Content. Features and Articles. Technical. Proof Reading. Editing. Speech writing. Feature and article writing for newspapers, magazines, journals. Substantial experience in the ghost writing of features and articles for people with a wide variety of backgrounds including celebrities, business people, politicians, scientists and technical experts. From light-hearted "day in the life" articles for celebrities in the public eye, to the presentation of complicated scientific research in easy to understand language to enable researchers to seek funding from charities and institutions, my writing has the ability to engage and hold a reader's attention - whether being aimed at a member of the public, a worried shareholder, a casual reader, or a serious business investor. "Anglicising" operation instructions and other technical/semi technical documents for overseas manufacturers. I also have a great deal of editorial experience, both book/manuscript proofreading/editing, and full editorial responsibility for periodical publications.more »


  • writing
  • proof reading
  • editor


  • I'm very good with the written word!
  • HND in electro-mechanical engineering
  • (Lapsed) Member of the Chartered Institute…

What Makes Me Great:

Adaptable with a wide understanding due to a varied background including: engineer, sales, marketing, finance, general management. SMEs. Multi-Nationals. When environmental conditions change, generalists are better able to adapt, while specialists tend to fall victim to extinctionmore »

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