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Photo of GoUmbrella



Weekly Fee:Not Provided

No. of Contractors:600

Years in Business:3


Total Score:131,381

UK Ranking:5

About Our Services:

GoUmbrella offers Freelance Individuals, IT, Accountancy and Engineering Contractors a UK based professional employment service. Being a PAYE…

Photo of Brookson



Weekly Fee:23

No. of Contractors:9000

Years in Business:15

Audited-Approved:Not Confirmed

Total Score:55,123

UK Ranking:22

About Our Services:

Our consultation process is a unique method used to help you establish the best way of working for your circumstances. So if you are thinking …

Photo of iBalance



Weekly Fee:25

No. of Contractors:994

Years in Business:10


Total Score:102,353

UK Ranking:13

About Our Services:

If you are a first time contractor, or looking for a change, our umbrella company service is a hassle free professional option, providing you …

Photo of Hexagon Services

Name:Hexagon Services

Location:Not Provided

Weekly Fee:Not Provided

No. of Contractors:175

Years in Business:5

Audited-Approved:Not Confirmed

Total Score:47,464

UK Ranking:51

About Our Services:

Our three products have been rigorously designed to ensure that they meet the demands of the 21st century contractor. At Hexagon Services our …

Photo of Dasa Consulting

Name:Dasa Consulting


Weekly Fee:3% of invoice amount

No. of Contractors:250

Years in Business:7

Audited-Approved:Not Confirmed

Total Score:52,600

UK Ranking:32

About Our Services:

If you are a contractor or a freelancer working in the UK and want to maximise your pay, we have the perfect solution for you. Dasa Consul… services

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