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Photo of Christopher Best

for work?


Name:Christopher Best

Job Title:Managing Director…

Areas Covered:Bedfordshire,Camb…

Industry:Other Freelance

Minimum Rate:> £400 a day

Total Score:91,633

UK Ranking:83

Industry Ranking:2

About My Services:

CDB Consulting is an Independent Security Consultancy, providing a wide range of Business and Domestic/Residential security services for Clien…

Photo of Mark Seaman

for work?


Name:Mark Seaman

Job Title:Fund administrati…

Areas Covered:Not Provided

Industry:Accounting, Finan…

Minimum Rate:> £400 a day

Total Score:97,895

UK Ranking:7

Industry Ranking:2

About My Services:

Fund administration consultant, setting up investment funds and operational arrangements. Covering UCITS, non-UCITS and QIFs in the UK, Irelan…

Photo of Gary Deans

for work?


Name:Gary Deans

Job Title:Owner

Areas Covered:Ayrshire,Bedfords…

Industry:All Industries

Minimum Rate:£200 a day

Total Score:97,600

UK Ranking:12

Industry Ranking:2

About My Services:

20 Years Accountancy and Payroll Experience, I offer companies payroll service at a very discounted rate. I also offer Computerised Payroll …

Photo of Dan Roberts

for work?


Name:Dan Roberts

Job Title:Freelance journalist

Areas Covered:Greater London

Industry:Media & Creative

Minimum Rate:£250 a day

Total Score:96,467

UK Ranking:20

Industry Ranking:3

About My Services:

I’m a feature-writer and columnist with many years’ experience of working for national newspapers and magazines. My areas of expertise include…

Photo of Hema Patel

for work?


Name:Hema Patel

Job Title:Personal Assistant

Areas Covered:Essex,Greater Lon…

Industry:Admin, Secretaria…

Minimum Rate:£150 a day

Total Score:84,100

UK Ranking:416

Industry Ranking:4

About My Services:

I offer freelance business support services, assisting small to medium sized businesses with their administrative needs so that they can conce… services

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