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Nearly 10% of Freelancers Worked for Free Last Year

In a recent poll of just over 1000 freelancers in the UK, it was discovered that nearly 10% had done some kind of free work…

Last update:
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

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50% to Freelance by 2020 says Research

Research suggests that 50% of people will be in freelance work by 2020, whether it's as a freelance professional, contractor, or as part of the…

Last update:
Sunday, Jan 15, 2017

Tube Strike Gives Workers a Look into Freelance Lifestyle

Commuters who are stuck at home because of the London Underground strike have found out what it's like to be a freelance professional at home.

Last update:
Monday, Jan 09, 2017

20% of Freelancers Losing Money

Research suggests that 20% of freelancers believe they've lost money due to mistakes on their tax returns over the past few years.

Last update:
Monday, Jan 09, 2017

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London to Remain Financial Hub After Brexit say Experts

There have been fears that London would lose its status as financial hub after Brexit, but according to experts this won't be happening.

Last update:
Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016

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