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“Funtrepreneurs” essential for economy say YouGov

It's a dream of just about every employee working in a boring 9 to 5 job...quit and start working on their real passion.

Last update:
Sunday, Aug 28, 2016

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Freelancers to be exempt from quarterly tax reporting

As you're no doubt aware, the self employed are to be subjected to quarterly tax reporting in a bid to make paying tax easier.

Last update:
Saturday, Aug 20, 2016

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More freelancers want better banking

One of the UK's largest self employment bodies have just released a report calling for better banking for freelancers.

Last update:
Monday, Aug 15, 2016

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Over 50% of UK employees work better from home

A recent study shows us that more than half of people working in the UK think they work better from home than in an office.

Last update:
Saturday, Aug 20, 2016

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Thousands of Freelancers Not Relying on Pensions

A recent survey by Aegon uncovered a shocking statistic...that 36% of self employed are not putting money into any kind of private pension at all.

Last update:
Saturday, Jul 30, 2016

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