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I Spy...A Fiverr

I spy, with my freelance eye, something beginning with F. Do you give up? What I am spying is Fiverr.

Last update:
Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019

3 Benefits of Becoming a Freelance Writer

If you are nifty with the pen, typewriter, or keyboard, then becoming a freelance writer is the perfect choice for people who want to work…

Last update:
Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019

The World Leader in Flexible Working is...

“Flexible working” is a buzz word in the UK but many bosses are putting their foot down. Where in the world is flexible working embraced?

Last update:
Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019

WayFair Work From Home Jobs – Now Hiring

There is no better feeling than getting up at noon and then going directly to your sofa. You put your feet up and then...

Last update:
Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019

It's a Scorcher! Can You Leave Work Though?

The UK is bracing itself for a real scorcher this week as temperatures are expected to hit 30 degrees and above.

Last update:
Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019

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