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Top 10 Freelance Cities According to Research

There has never been a better time to be a freelance professional, but have you ever wondered which cities are best to live in? Research…

Last update:
Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017

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Making Tax Digital – Freelancers have to pay £280

Most people have heard about the new digital tax plans from the government, where freelancers will have to do their tax returns 4 times a…

Last update:
Tuesday, Feb 07, 2017

Freelance Workers “Important” After Brexit say Federation

So the Prime Minister Theresa May has made her speech about Brexit and the message is clear...we are going to leave the European Union.

Last update:
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

Nearly 10% of Freelancers Worked for Free Last Year

In a recent poll of just over 1000 freelancers in the UK, it was discovered that nearly 10% had done some kind of free work…

Last update:
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

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50% to Freelance by 2020 says Research

Research suggests that 50% of people will be in freelance work by 2020, whether it's as a freelance professional, contractor, or as part of the…

Last update:
Sunday, Jan 15, 2017

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