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Ex Google Employee Earns More as a Freelancer

Many companies are now willing to pay big money to freelancers, which has led to thousands of skilled workers leaving good jobs.

Last update:
Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016

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Freelancers Have More Freedom According to New Survey

A recent survey showed that 90% of freelancers think they have more freedom now than when they were employed.

Last update:
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016

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20% of IT Professionals Would go Freelance

The skills of IT professionals are always in demand, so it's no surprise to learn that 20% of the industry are considering going the freelance…

Last update:
Saturday, Oct 01, 2016

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New Report Discovers Over 4 Million Brits Self Employed

According to a new report by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), over 4 million people in the UK are considered to be self employed.

Last update:
Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016

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Freelancers Wait on IR35 Reforms in the Public Sector

The date has been set for the government's Autumn statement, which will be delivered on November 23rd to a waiting public.

Last update:
Monday, Sep 12, 2016

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