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Projects to do now for an outstanding 2020

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RSS 04 January 2020
Last week, we touched on the things we might reflect on and aim to do better this year. So, let’s take a deeper dive into a few of those things over the coming weeks to see just what we can do to make this year even better.

Social Media Marketing:

It's really hard for many of us to blow our own trumpets. We may even be incredible when it comes to marketing for our clients, but for us as freelancers, standing up to be counted and staying on top of our own marketing game gets pushed to the back of the pile.

There's no point in starting the year vowing to get up to speed on all social media channels and revamp your website and create a whole suite of direct marketing sales funnels, only to find that come March, you're too busy to keep at them and one by one, you let them slide.

So, let's take a look at the social media channels you may use to promote your business, and the pros and cons of each.


Instagram is great if you're a good photographer and can tell a visual story of the projects and type of work that you do. Less good if you're a programmer or work on confidential information every day. While one shot of you working away from your home office and the view to your garden may be cute, what content are you going to have on a regular basis to keep that momentum going? The best Instagram business accounts use curated content, where the same filters and styles of photography continue across all images you use.

And there's no point in Instagramming unless you know (or can learn) to use hashtags effectively. You'll also need to do a lot of work to build (and engage with) your followers - simply liking their posts isn't enough to build credible engagement, but the key to success really is in the engagement, not how many followers you have. That means leaving insightful and valuable comments on other people's posts. And forget about buying followers - this will do you no good, and Instagram is getting ever more savvy about closing down accounts that are clearly made up of fake followers. Instead, choose to follow others in your niche, and the customers you already (or would like to) have. Grow slowly but consistently and you can find Instagram is a great way to build relationships with people.

There are lots of free tools online to help you out. You can research hashtags, schedule posts to appear automatically, automatically unfollow non-followers.

The one problem with Instagram is that it is time consuming. You need to be posting at least 3 times a week (daily, ideally) and engaging daily with others too.

At least if you have the benefit of using Freelance Supermarket to find your next role and an accountant to manage your books, then you'll have more time for Instagram!


Next week, we'll take a look at LinkedIn.

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