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Projects to do now for an Outstanding 2020 – Part 2

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RSS 10 January 2020
How’s your LinkedIn profile looking? Have you checked it recently? Dubbed the ‘Facebook for Business’ it’s a no-brainer to have a strong LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one already, if you do one marketing activity this year, make it this.

Assuming you do have one up and running already, now is a good time to check that it is up to date. Has anything changed since you last checked? Is your contact information up to date? Does it link with your website and any social media you use? Is your headshot great? How about your headline? Can you optimise it to really shout about what it is that you do? Is there a call to action in your profile?

Are your projects up to date? What else can you add to showcase what you do? How about asking some current or former clients for testimonials? Third party endorsement is the best possible recommendation you can have. Prospective new clients browsing your page will be far more likely to take the word of others that you do a great job, than just hearing you tell them.

Once your own profile is up to date, think about specific clients or business that you'd like to win this year. Are you connected to those people? If not, and you are able to connect, send those requests. Do they publish articles or comment on them? If so, start engaging in those discussions yourself with valid, carefully thought out comments or observations. If you're reaching out to message new connections, try and make it personal. Show that you've read their profile and know who they are (everyone likes to be recognised (besides introverts, but if they are a mover and shaker on LinkedIn, you're probably on safe ground).

Do you have your own articles you can post that can showcase your business? If so, this can be a great way to put yourself out there.

Take a regular look at who has last viewed your profile. If they may be a business connect that is useful, reach out to them. Begin a conversation and a dialogue. They looked at your profile for a reason, it's your chance to find out why. If you use our agent searchtool, you can be sure they are going to make their first stop at your LinkedIn. It's down to you to ensure that your profile is the one that makes them stop and take notice.

All set? Next week, let's look at Twitter to see if it's the right choice for you.

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