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Six Great Reasons Employers Need More Freelancers

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RSS 21 October 2019
UK businesses are finally getting with the programme and seeing the advantages of hiring more freelance workers

While we know that freelancing is the way to go, it appears that finally, UK businesses are starting to cotton on, and are starting to see the benefits of adding freelancers to their workforce.

HR departments are finally overcoming the resistance of adding to their workload by hiring freelancers, who come with their own paperwork, timesheets and business accounting. Once their due processes of forming new policies and frameworks for temporary or contract workers are in place, in these uncertain times, it becomes something of a no-brainer.

Here's some of the reasons why:

They bring new energy to projects. Just like a new employee, adding a freelancer can bring new ideas and ways of doing things to the team. It can be enough to gee up sluggish team members or enliven a project that everyone else is sick of.

They can bring in specialist skills you need right now.An expert in a very specific skill or subject can be just what you need, but you'd struggle to fill a whole week or month of their time, or give them things to do outside their particular skill. A freelancer can be the perfect solution.

They know other people.Your own company may be working a new area or with a technology that your team aren't intimately knowledgeable about. But, a freelance specialist may know just the person your team needs to make headway on your project - fast. Networking is an important part of freelancing and it can work to your advantage.

They are removed from office politics.While it's great for employees to feel involved in the bigger picture of office life, sometimes its beneficial for team members to be ignorant of deeper issues that may exist within the team or organisation.

It makes paid absenteeism a thing of the past.When freelancers don't work, they don't get paid. That's one less SSP headache for HR to worry about.

There's no employers pension contributions to pay, if you hire a self-employed freelancer. Hiring a freelancer brings lower overheads. They are responsible for their tax and NI and need to pay their own pension. Winner!

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