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RSS 13 August 2019
“Flexible working” is a buzz word in the UK but many bosses are putting their foot down. Where in the world is flexible working embraced?

For the answer, we must look to the country of Finland, who has just been awarded the title of "The World Leader in Flexible Worker."

Unlike their UK cousins, the employers in Finland love the idea of sending their employees home for the day and letting them do what they want.

There has long been a culture of trust in Finland, say some pundits, while here in the UK the exact opposite is true.

Take the story of a Finnish guy called Miika, who wasn't looking forward to a long and drawn out winter commuting every day in the city of Helsinki.

"I'm moving to Spain for 6 months and I will do my work on a laptop while sipping pina coladas on the beach," Miika said to boss.

"Ok, no problem, have fun," replied his boss. And guess what? While sunning himself on the beaches of Spain, our man Miika actually became more productive and made more cash for his bosses.

So it just goes to show you that flexible working is best for everyone involved, but why are more UK bosses not embracing the lifestyle? Again, it all comes down to that word "trust."

The truth be told, your boss just wouldn't trust you if you told him or her you were going to Spain for 6 months.

"I bet you are you going to Spain for a bit of the old 3 s's - sun, sea, and sangria," your boss would say.

The same can be said if you just wanted to be allowed to work from home for a few days a week.

"I bet you are going to sit around in your pyjamas all day and watch television," your boss would say.

The truth be told, I don't think the UK is going to catch up with Finland anytime soon, which means if you want a more relaxed and flexible lifestyle then you should quit your job and work for yourself.

You could become a work from home freelance professional and set your own hours.

You don't need permission from a boss and you could jump on a plane to Spain anytime you want.

Just remember to get a bit of the old 3 s's while you are in Spain - sun, sea and supermarket...Freelance Supermarket that is.

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