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WayFair Work From Home Jobs – Now Hiring

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RSS 30 July 2019
There is no better feeling than getting up at noon and then going directly to your sofa. You put your feet up and then...

Do a bit of work!

This is the life of a work from home freelancer. This is the choice of a new generation.

So how do you actually "work from home?" One way is to work directly for a company who will hire you to do jobs from your house, typically with the help of a phone and internet connection.

There are many companies who hire work from home staff. Take WayFair as a prime example, the home furniture and Decor powerhouse who keep on going from strength to strength in the UK.

To keep up with demand of their products, WayFair have just announced they have 26 work from home positions available to UK residents.

These home working positions are for customer service consultants and inbound sales agents. Which basically means you will be in the front line when dealing with customers and getting sales for WayFair.

Know This: Wayfair have a lot of pride in their "award winning customer service team," which means they don't want you messing it up.

If you think working from home for WayFair is going to be a laugh and you can just insult their customers and play pranks on them...then do us all a favour and DON'T apply for a work from home job with WayFair.

Sure, working from home does mean you can call the shots and spend most of the day in your underpants if you please, but it doesn't mean you can just joke around all day and start answering the phone in silly voices and things like that.

If you want to joke around then consider a work from home job with Disney, because then you can dress up as Donald Duck and go "quack quack" all day long if you please.

But with WayFair it is all business and you must be very serious when talking to customers over the phone and sending them emails.

You must also be a team player and be willing to connect with other employees via Skype to bond and get to know one another. So make sure you put on a pair of trousers for that!

What if you are not in the UK, can you still work at home for WayFair? The answer is Yes, as they are also hiring in the USA, Germany and Ireland.

So what are you waiting for? Get applying now and you could soon be the next work from home success story.

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