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It's a Scorcher! Can You Leave Work Though?

The UK is bracing itself for a real scorcher this week as temperatures are expected to hit 30 degrees and above.

The only downside is going to work when the weather is hot. So hot that your shirt sticks to your back and you have have constant damp feeling under your armpits.

Many UK workers are wondering - "How hot does it have to get until I can leave work?"

In other words...can you just down tools and walk out? Maybe even go home for a siesta and then go back in the evening when the air is a bit cooler?

According to the Workplace Regulations of 1992...all employers are supposed to keep working conditions at a reasonable temperature.

However, there are no rules to state exactly what the maximum temperature threshold should be, which means many office workers are going to get hot under the collar and damp under the armpits, with many workers getting fed up.

Some employers might take pity and send you work from home. That's right. You get to go home and strip off those clothes as soon as you get in the front door.

Off comes the shirt, the trousers, the skirts...the pants?? No!!!! Leave the pants on please. There might be nosey neighbours watching, and you don't want to give them too much of an eyeful.

Instead, leave on the pants and then sit in your favourite chair and get in front of a fan. And then... Get ready to work from home!

You didn't expect your employer to send you home and then lounge around in your pants all day did you? No chance.

Instead, they are going to expect a full days work with you being productive at your laptop and not watching the TV or anything like that.

You will have to work at home and then show proof of working from home when you go back to the office.

Do you really want to go back to the office? Once you get a taste for working from home and sitting around in your pants all day, you might begin to like it.

"I'm going to quit my job and work from home," you say.

"I'm going to become...A Work from Home Freelance Professional."

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