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He Worked At Home For 9 Years, And Then...

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RSS 11 June 2019
There is a man called Steve who is a freelance script writer for the movies, and for the last 9 years he has worked from home.

Does he have any advice for wannabe freelance script writers (or anybody that wants to work from home)?

Yes, he does. In fact, he recently wrote a blog post about how to be more productive when working from home. Let's have a look at his tips...

Tip 1 - Get Dressed For the Office - Even though you are only going to the kitchen table or sofa, Steve advises freelancers to dress up in a suit and tie. He even puts on leather shoes. This puts him in the mindset of "work" instead of "relax."

Freelance Supermarket Verdict - We can see the logic behind the idea, but that doesn't change the fact that our way of doing things is the complete opposite. We wear boxers all day and put our feet up on the sofa...and still get the job done.

Tip 2 - The next tip from Steve the freelance script writer is to get up early and then get working early. He is up out of bed early and then starts his working day at 8:45am every morning. This establishes a schedule, says Steve.

Freelance Supermarket Verdict - If you are a morning person then following the advice of Steve could work for you...but what if you are NOT a morning person? What if you prefer to lounge around in bed until noon and beyond? Don't fear, as here at FS we encourage you to stay in bed until lunch and even eat your lunch in bed. The day is still young as far as we are concerned.

Tip 3 - Finally, Steve wraps up his work from home tips by advising all freelancers to have a dedicated workspace. In his home he works from a desk and also has bookshelves and room for walking around and thinking.

Freelance Supermarket Verdict - We can agree with Steve on this one. Here at FS our own unique workspace consists of a sofa and a pillow. We don't have any bookshelves although we do have a TV set and a small table for the remote control.


Thanks to Steve the freelance script writer for his work from home tips and although we don't agree with him on everything, there is a mutual respect between FS and Steve. I think most home workers have a mutual respect for each other, even if we don't work the same way, there is still respect.

That respect is made even stronger when you both read the Freelance Supermarket Blog on a weekly basis.

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