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National Work From Home Day (We MISSED It!)

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RSS 04 June 2019
It looks like we missed the memo. It was national work from home day on 31st May and Freelance Supermarket was not invited to the party.

You know: I'm starting to wonder if there is some kind of conspiracy against us here at FS.

While the rest of the work from home world had party hats on...we were treated like the ugly duckling.

Just like when Freelance organisations such as CIF and IPSE shunned us.

Ah well!

Do you know what though? As long as we remain the most popular freelance work from home site and blog...then does it really matter if we are not part of the "in" crowd.

In a way, most people that work from home are not part of the "in" crowd either. They do things their own way and are lone wolves.

Maybe you are the same? If so, then you don't need to follow trends such as work from home day and you don't need to join organisations such as IPSE or CIF.

All you need is Freelance Supermarket to brighten your day, In just a small way,

Ok so more about this work from home day and it was officially called "National Work From Home Day" and was organised by a non profit organisation called "Work Wise UK."

I'm wondering...does Work Wise UK give out yearly awards? If so, then are they even aware of us here at FS. Surely they must be.

How could anyone in the UK freelance community ignore us or be ignorant about our blog? It's impossible.

I won't get my hopes up though. And during the Freelance awards season I'm sure we will passed over, yet again. It doesn't bother us one bit.

According to official statistics from the Trades Union Congress (TUC), there is now 4.2 million people who work from home on a regular basis in the UK.

"WOW!" is all we can say. "

That is a potential 4.2 million people who could be tuning in to our new blog posts every Tuesday, although I'm sure many already do."

So why work from home anyway? A study was done by a company called FlexJobs (never heard of them) and they found that 75% of home workers have fewer distractions. Not only that, but 74% reported enjoying fewer interruptions while 71% had less stress because they no longer had to commute.

In other words, working from home and working for yourself is the way forward. We don't need a work from home day to tell us that...Freelance Supermarket could have told you that!

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