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Freelance Platform Comatch Crosses The Pond

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RSS 14 May 2019
It was 2015, in the underground basements of Berlin where the freelance consulting platform “Comatch” was founded.

In 3 short years Comatch has gone on to become one of the most trusted and recognised freelance job sites in Europe.

The website has headed West and taken over cities such as Amsterdam and Paris.

It has even headed East, and into Dubai...where freelance consultants in Dubai use it on a regular basis.

Make no mistake about it: Comatch is here to stay, and if you are in the business of hiring freelance consultants or looking for work as a freelance consultant, then heading directly to Comatch is a good choice.

So it comes as no surprise that Comatch are now looking to broaden their horizons and cross the pond, so to speak, and land in New York City and then make their way across Route 66 and don't stop until they hit Los Angles.

In other words, Comatch are looking to do business in America, and who can blame them? Not us.

There are millions of freelance consultants in the cities and towns of the USA, and I'm sure Comatch will quickly become the right "Match" for many of them.

Just like Freelance Supermarket is the right "Match" for European, American, Asian, and British freelancers who want the latest news, views, reviews, and entertainment in the freelance world.

You WON'T find any freelance consulting jobs here on Freelance Supermarket. You should go to Comatch for that.

You WILL find hours and hours of entertainment right here on our freelance blog. Many people call us the unofficial freelance website of the year in the UK, and it won't be long until we have that same title in Europe and America.

In fact, we have been looking to rent some office space in the underground basements of Berlin ourselves. Who knows, maybe we could do a co-share with Comatch? Freelance Supermarket + Comatch = World Domination, no doubt.

Although it will never happen because Freelance Supermarket is an island and although we could certainly rent some freelance office space in a city such as Berlin, Paris or Baghdad...when it comes down to brass tacks...we are an island.

Sure, sometimes we do joint ventures with organisation such as CIF and IPSE, and we may even do a bit of work with Comatch.

But in the end we stand alone... Freelance Supermarket!

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