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"OK Google...Show Me Work From Home Jobs"

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RSS 30 April 2019
If you are a truck driver or roofer then working from home isn't on the cards anytime soon...but for many professions working at home is a reality.

For example, thousands of office workers are saying to themselves - "hang on a minute. Why do I need to commute to an office when I could telecommute instead?"

The answer = There is no reason why you shouldn't stay at home and get your work done, especially if the main bulk of your job includes working on a computer or speaking with people on the phone.

You could be sat on the sofa in your pyjamas, while Jeremy Kyle plays in the background...and as long as you get the job done then who cares? Your boss shouldn't care one bit, which means you are free to set your alarm clock for when you want (or not set it at all).

To keep up with this telecommuting trend, the powerhouse search engine Google have decided to make it easier for you to find work from home jobs.

Up until now it has been a hard slog for home workers and telecommuters to find the right jobs with a Google search...often having to sift through hundreds of irrelevant jobs which require you to leave the house.

"Not Good!" we say here at Freelance Supermarket HQ.

If you want to find work from home jobs then it should be easy as pie to find...yes you guessed it...work from home jobs.

Well, it looks as though Google have finally cottoned on to the fact that telecommuters and freelancers want an easier life. So their solution is... Give you a "filter" to "only include work from home jobs" in their search engine.

"Brilliant," we say here at Freelance Supermarket HQ.

No doubt those Google Boffins have been working around the clock to come up with that one, and now every man, woman, and child in the UK has the ability to say... "Ok Google...Show me Work From Home Jobs."

Let's say you are looking for customer support jobs but you don't want to leave the house...ever. Well, Google will now only show you work from home customer support jobs as long as you set your location to "work from home."

Then when you see the right opportunity..like a work from home customer support job with Disney. Then you can apply right away. And fingers crossed...you get the job!

If you did get a job with Disney then hopefully you won't have to dress up as Donald Duck (unless you want to, of course).

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