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Trainee Lawyers Can Now Work From Home

If you thought being a lawyer was all about going to court and visiting the Police Station then you would be wrong. Very wrong.

This is 2019 after all, and the days of getting out of bed at the crack of dawn are over. Many people are only just going to bed at the crack of dawn.

Take trainee lawyers for example, who now have the ability to work from home any time they feel like it. They don't have to turn up to work and they don't have to tell their boss why.

Where is this happening? At international law firm Linklaters, where trainee lawyers are being encouraged to work flexible in the comfort of their own homes and with no reason required.

They could just feel like staying in bed until 1pm or sitting around in their pyjamas all day. Maybe they have even become addicted to The Jeremy Kyle Show and can't miss a show? No problem, just take the day off work and nobody will even care.

You know...this sounds a lot like The Freelance Supermarket way of doing things. We've talked extensively about getting comfortable in your crib and only doing a bit of work when you decide. Perhaps the bosses over at Linklaters have been reading our blog and taken a few notes? Maybe they have.

I think this is the way forward though, and it wouldn't surprise me to see other law firms follow suit.

Not only that, but fully qualified lawyers will also be encouraged to work from home, and in no time at all you will be hard pressed to find a lawyer who isn't in his or her pyjamas!

Also, let's not forget that some lawyers will decide to become "freelance lawyers" and work for themselves. They can fire their boss and pretty much do all of their work from the comfort of their sofa.

A bit of work from 1:30pm until 1:55pm and then...let's check the Freelance Supermarket blog and read a few posts.

"Ah yes, this is the life," the freelance lawyers will say.

"Suit and tie out...dressing gown in," they will go on to add.

Back to the story and a spokesperson for Linklaters had this to say...

"We believe that agile working is for everyone and that the right to request formal flexible working should be open to all. Looking at how it can work rather than why ensures we continue the journey of shifting mindsets about working flexibly and the reasons for doing so."

So that wraps us this story and another blog post from us here at FS.

When asked for a comment, an official spokesperson from Freelance Supermarket had this to say...

"We also believe in agile working but agile like a cat we are not. The only other thing we have to say is that all freelance trainee lawyers and freelance lawyers in general are welcome here at FS."

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