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Home Workers, Are You Claiming This?

With more people in the UK working from home than ever before, it's important you know exactly what you can claim for when doing a tax return.

If you work from home then you no doubt use your internet connection to connect to the internet and then come right here to Freelance Supermarket. Many of you even have the FS blog as your homepage. Wise choice.

After you have read Freelance Supermarket for an hour or so then its time to do some work, which according to a recent survey, the average home worker spends 8 hours and 35 minutes every week using the internet for work purposes.

However, the survey goes on to show us that 75% of work from home freelancers don't claim back any internet expenses, even though it is costing them an average of £31 a month to connect to the internet.

Of course, if you use the internet for pleasure as well as business, then you can't claim back all of that £31, but you should be able to get some relief from the tax man or woman.

That doesn't stop some people from trying though. The survey tells us that 40% of work from home freelance professionals believe that all of their internet bill should be claimed back, with some of those people actually trying it on with the tax man or woman.

If you do try it on then expect to get a firm "no" from HMRC. They are well aware of all the tricks, and will quickly pounce to stop you in your tracks if you do try and get a bit creative with your tax return.

Typically, a self employed home worker should be able to claim back for at least one third of their internet bill, which means your average freelancer could be in for about £11 a month to be claimed back.

Just remember that although browsing the Freelance Supermarket website might feel like is actually business, so make sure you make a note of exactly how long you spend right here. If you stay for a bit longer, then you might even be able to claim back a bit more. Although check with your accountant for clarification on that one.

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