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Popular High Paying Freelance Jobs For Students

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RSS 02 April 2019
Being a student isn't all about sleeping in bed until lunchtime and sitting around in your pyjamas all day...oh actually it is.

Just like being a work from home freelancer...both of us have a lot in common it seems.

Which is why it comes as no surprise to learn that many students are now looking to make a bit of cash in the freelance game.

Why spend 25 hours a week stocking shelves at Tesco for £8 an hour, when you can make £800 a week working from home.

The best part? You might only need to spend 15 hours a week to make that kind of cash...and the rest of your time can be spent in bed, in your pyjamas, getting drunk, or watching Jeremy Kyle...or all 4 at the same time.

It's students I'm talking about here...not full time freelancers...although many home workers who work for themselves lead a similar lifestyle.

So what kind of high paying freelance jobs for students are we talking about here? Coming in right at the top of the list is...

Freelance photographer.

That's right. You can get paid a lot of cash just by snapping a few pictures on your camera.

Thousands of students are doing it, are you ready to join the party? Some are saying it's a licence to print money.

Second on the list of high paying freelance jobs for students is...

Freelance Musician.

Yes you read that right. If you can sing, play guitar or crank out a few chords on the piano, then guess what? You can make a lot of cash working for yourself.

And we are not talking about busking here. Oh no. You won't ever have to work on a street corner to make some cash. You can get paid right in your own house...even if it is a student house that you share with other students. You could get paid from your bed. It really doesn't matter.

So now we get to third on the list of highest paying freelance jobs for students, and our inside information suggests the award goes to...

Freelance Actor.

If you are a student in the creative arts then you might as well get a job on the side as an actor. You could be a background extra in Coronation Street, a leading lady in a Hollywood Blockbuster, or even an audience member on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

The sky is the limit.

The only downside is you will need to leave your house to become a freelance actor, but the upside is you will be paid a lot of money and you might even become famous.

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