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They slammed down the ban hammer and announced “you are banned from working from get into the office!”

"What? No lunch in bed and Jeremy Kyle on the can't be," replied the thousands of office workers across the nation.

It was the decision of BNY Mellon...the largest custodian bank and asset servicing company in the UK.

Quite simply they had banned their staff from working from home.

"No more!" was the message.

Until just now...where we have BREAKING NEWS that BNY Mellon have just reversed their ban and have decided to allow staff to work from home again.

This is definitely a big scoop for us here at the Freelance Supermarket live news desk, because we believe this is a decision that affects all workers and freelance workers alike.

If a big company like BNY Mellon have decided to allow their workers to work from home, then many other companies could soon follow suit.

Not only that, but many of those workers will start to get a taste of the work from home lifestyle...hanging around in their pyjamas, putting their feet up on the sofa, and reading the FS blog before doing some work.

If those workers enjoy the lifestyle, then how long until they decide to quit their job and become a freelance worker? Not long in our opinion.

There is already millions of people who work for themselves and work from home. In 10 years time it is going to be many millions more. And right at the forefront of this work from revolution is us...Freelance Supermarket.

We are experts about all things to do with working from home, such as the optimum time to start your day as a freelance home worker...the right clothing to wear for a productive day...the correct TV shows to watch for motivation...and the most comfortable freelance furniture to put in your living room.

Quite simply, we are a one stop shop for all things to do with working from home, and if you check back on a weekly basis then you will find a new blog post with all the latest entertainment, news, gossip, and education from the freelance work from home world.

Many people consider us the "unofficial" best freelance work from home website in the UK...and maybe even the world.

We don't want any awards and we don't associate ourselves with any organisation. We are truly independent and tell you exactly how it is with no jargon and no big words. Real speak for real people. Freelance Supermarket...for the people!

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