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FREELANCERS: Get Paid With Cryptocurrency

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RSS 05 March 2019
Just when everyone thought it was safe to leave their house, a new freelance cryptocurrency platform has hit the scene.

So here at Freelance Supermarket we are going to stay in the house. To the sofa we go, and to the Jeremy Kyle show we seek entertainment.

This new cryptocurrency platform is called "Freelance For Coins" and is set to disrupt the freelance industry.

Up until now many freelancers have been subjected to high transaction fees when getting paid by clients, but all of that could be about to come crashing down.

Not only that, but those pesky middlemen have been taking their cut of your payments since the start of the internet, but with Freelance For Coins you can take the power back by eliminating them forever.

What you do is you head over to the Freelance For Coins website and signup for their platform. You can then be matched with clients who want to pay you with cryptocurrency coins, straight into your wallet.

Many freelancers are getting rich with these crypto coins. Are you going to be the next success story? Or are you going to be stuck getting paid the old way, giving half of your pay packet to middlemen and cash sucking platforms.

Also, let's not forget that non payment and late payment is becoming a really big problem in the freelance world.

How many times has a client gone like the wind or gave you the runaround? I'm willing to bet it is a few times.

With Freelance For Coins those type of issues could be coming to an end, because this is a new way of getting paid and a step forward towards a brighter future for freelance professionals.

If you are a newbie freelancer who doesn't want to get taken advantage of...then getting paid with cryptocurrency is for you.

If you are an experienced freelancer who is tired of being paying outrageous fees...then getting paid with cryptocurrency is for you.

This is truly a global platform to meet the needs of a global freelance workforce. It doesn't matter if you are in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world, getting paid for your freelance services with cryptocurrency is the new way to get paid.

Right now you can visit Freelance For Coins and find clients who are looking for services such as web design, writing, web scraping and many more freelance services. Check it out, is our advice.

You should also keep visiting Freelance Supermarket on a weekly basis to keep up-to-date with our blog posts. We are the unofficial best freelance website in the country, and just like Freelance For Coins we are all about disrupting the freelance industry.

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