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Snow Is Good For Freelance

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RSS 26 February 2019
Here at Freelance Supermarket we have been enjoying the warm weather over the last few days. “Sofa Out, Garden Chair In,” we say.

Unfortunately this mini heat wave won't last and weather experts are predicting snow will hit these shores as soon as Friday.

As regular readers of the FS blog will be only too aware, it was only a few weeks ago when we talked about snow being the perfect opportunity for employers to allow their employees to test out remote working.

In other words, they should be allowed to work from home while there is a blizzard outside, and get a taste of the freelance lifestyle.

If they enjoy sitting on the sofa and watching Jeremy Kyle then it might be time to ask their boss to make their remote working situation more permanent.

If they say no, then it might be time to fire their boss and enter the lifestyle of a freelance work from home professional.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) agrees with me, as they have recently said any forthcoming "beast from the east" would be the perfect time for bosses to give their employees time away from the office.

"Employers should be sensible and not force staff to make dangerous journeys into work," said a spokesperson for TUC.

"Good bosses will already have bad weather policies in place for days like today. But all employers should be flexible and make sure everyone has a safe end to the week," they went on to add.

Freelance Supermarket would like to join hands with TUC on this one and call for all bosses to do the right thing once the snow hits.

When that first snowflake hits the ground then get ready to tell your workers to "stay at home."

Let them work from home at their laptops and you might be surprised at just how much work they get done.

Productivity often goes through the roof when you allow remote working in your company, not to mention there is a shorter queue at the canteen.

So Freelance Supermarket and TUC are showing solidarity on this one, and we would like to put the call out for other famous websites and organisations to throw their hat in the ring.

How about Creative Industries Federation (CIF)? Would you be prepared to step forward on this and bring some much needed shine to this situation?

I think the more people we can get talking about remote working and working from home, the better, and then it won't be long until we are truly a nation of freelance workers.

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