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The Most Profitable Freelance Jobs In The UK

Have you ever wondered which freelance jobs will pay you the most in 2019? In this blog post we are going to tell you.

Here at Freelance Supermarket HQ we are right at the forefront of the freelance revolution, which means we are in a unique position to give you insights about working for yourself and being your own boss.

If you are looking to quit your job and go out on your own then it can be a scary time. It's kind of like taking a big step into the great unknown, although you can maximise your chance of success by choosing a career that pays well.

Not only that, but you might also want a freelance job you can do from home at the kitchen table, giving you the flexibility to arrange the perfect work/life balance.

Below are some of the most profitable freelance jobs:

Coming in at number 1 is lawyer which brings down an average of £57,000 for people who choose this career path.

In at second is investment consultant, followed closely by software developer and architect. All of these freelance jobs should see you make over £40,000 a year, which is not bad change, especially when you are working from home in your pyjamas.

Music teacher, business consultant, yoga instructor, accountant, and interior designer make up the next freelance career paths you might want to consider following. If successful, then expect to make at least £35,000 a year in all of these jobs.

Are you interested in web design? Well, we have good news, because freelance web designers are paid nicely for their time and skills, with the average web designer getting £34,000 directly into their bank account, year in and year out.

What about if money was no object and you could just follow your passion...what kind of freelance career would you choose? A new survey gives us the most popular answers.

Coming in at number 1 is freelance photographer, followed closely by freelance musician, freelance architect and freelance actor.

No doubt there are many freelance actors who will eventually make it to Hollywood and The Oscars, and I'm sure they will thank Freelance Supermarket in their Oscar acceptance speech.

Here at Freelance Supermarket we have been snubbed by the "freelance Oscars." The IPSE to be exact, who have consistently ignored us year after year.

If you remember, last year the award of freelance website of the year went to "Freelance Mum," despite popular opinion leaning strongly towards "Freelance Supermarket."

I suppose politics plays a role in winning these awards, and here at Freelance Supermarket we just don't play that game.

So we are happy being known as the "unofficial best freelance website," and we will leave the awards to others.

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