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When is a Holiday Not A Holiday?

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RSS 13 December 2019
When you’re a freelancer, of course! Yes, as you look on enviously at your friends who are teachers or office workers, with a good week… or two stretching out ahead of them with nothing to do but sit around in the pub and browse the shops, nobody spares a thought for the poor freelancer, for whom holidays mean only one thing…

... Not getting paid.


Of course, your salaried friends mostly think your life is like theirs presently is all the time, that you can just call it a day and go to the pub any time you choose, but we know it just isn't like that. Unlike them, when you're not working, you're not earning.


If you've been smart, you've saved enough of your pay to cover a break over Christmas. Everyone needs some time off. But even if that's true, you've probably had to work like a dog to get the same amount of work done before you log off, that you would have done anyway. Let's face it, all your customers care about is getting the job done, not how and when you do it.


And, even if you do give yourself a break, even if it's out of necessity because your clients aren't there to respond to your questions or provide the next project, it's very likely that you're doing the jobs you've been meaning to all year, like filling in your tax return or revamping your website or planning your objectives for 2020. You know, all that off-the-clock stuff that still needs to get done.


Sometimes it feels like it never ends.


But, as the year draws to a close, take a minute to make a note of what you achieved this year. See how far you have come, how much you've made, what lessons you've learned. Remind yourself why you chose to become a freelancer at all. And, come Christmas Eve, switch off your work phone. Close down the email. Nothing in business is thatimportant. Take a few days to just breathe and forget about work. Enjoy being in the moment with your loved ones and know that life generally has a way of figuring itself out.


Sometimes, giving ourselves that break is the best possible thing we can do for our business. Then, when we do return to it, we can look at things with a fresh perspective and an energy we'd run out of towards a long and arduous year.


You did it. You made it through. It may be your first year freelancing or your twentieth, but just remind yourself, you don't have to follow the rules. As freelancers, we make our own rules.


Happy Christmas!

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