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Freelance Builders Make £932 A Week

Thinking about becoming a freelance builder? Then you are on the right track, because recent data shows us just how profitable it is.

£932 a week to be exact, which according to Hudson Contracts pay data is how much the average builder takes home.

Yes times are good for freelance construction workers around the UK, so much so that even a man or woman without any experience or knowledge of the trade could quit their job and reinvent themselves in the building trade.

We talk a lot about "working from home" here at Freelance Supermarket, but maybe the real pot of gold is to be found "working outside?" If so, then you might want to get rid of the laptop and turn off the Jeremy Kyle show, and instead, get out your hammer and tool belt.

The data also shows us that the builders in the North East and West Midlands are very well off right now, with more work to go round than ever before.

As you would expect, London and The South are also not doing too badly, with many opportunities for freelance builders with the right skills.

Interestingly, the Hudson Contracts pay data is in stark contrast to official data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

According to ONS the average pay for a freelance builder is only £24,000 a year, which is way below the data that Hudson Contracts are showing us.

In reality the number is around £45,000 a year, say Hudson Contracts, and here at Freelance Supermarket we are more prone to believe them over the ONS.

Why? Because Hudson Contracts are right there in the thick of the action, working with freelance builders on a daily basis and taking a look behind the curtain each week with actual figures from pay packets.

On the other hand, the ONS are probably compiling their data from surveys and the like. Even grabbing numbers out of thin air, perhaps? Who knows for sure, but I'm more likely to believe Hudson.

So will the good times continue to roll in the freelance building industry, or will things grind to halt with Brexit over the horizon? In my opinion I think you don't need to worry about seeing a drop in your pay packet, and in fact, I would say you can expect even more cash and cheques deposited into your bank account.

It doesn't matter what happens with this Brexit and Europe situation, the freelance building industry in the UK will continue to go from strength to strength.

So grab your hammer and put on your hard hat, and get ready to smash open the pot of gold.

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