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Can't You Just Focus, Mate?

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RSS 03 January 2019
If you work from home and have trouble focusing, then get ready for a big surprise, because we have exciting news.

Not only is it exciting, but it's also a bit strange, and some people might even find it a bit weird.

What I'm talking about here is a new website called "FocusMate," which aims to stop you procrastinating by having someone else hold you accountable.

This isn't going to be one of your mates from down the pub though. Oh no. Your new "mate" is going to be a complete stranger...and they are going to be spying on you.

That's right. While you sit at your desk (or sofa) and try to get some work done, your mate is going to be watching your every move.

What happens is you setup a "work date" with a partner you find on FocusMate. You each briefly describe what you want to get out of the session, and then spend the next hour or two working and watching each other.

How do you watch each other? With webcams of course, and if you or your mate start to slack off then you hold each other to account.

"Get back to work!" You shout at your mate, over the webcam.

"Sorry mate," they reply.

It kind of makes me wonder if FocusMate would work for me here at Freelance Supermarket HQ.

Sure, they could watch me get out of bed at 11:50am and they could watch me watch Jeremy Kyle for a couple of hours...but what if I was in my underpants, could they watch that? Maybe they could, who knows.

Some people might even pay good money to watch me in my underpants, but that is a story for another blog post.

Back to "FocusMate" and the founder had this to say - "Thinking the idea is a bit weird is a common initial reaction, but this is not a big brother. It's all opt in. It's all people who are genuinely interested in doing their most important work and they want to be held accountable for that."

Fair enough if you ask me. We all know that working from home is becoming more common in the UK, and many of these freelancers have trouble focusing and keeping away from distractions.

In a day and age where mobile phones are constantly beeping and social media is always calling, then maybe every home worker needs a FocusMate?

What I do know is that every freelance home worker should check back here to Freelance Supermarket on a weekly basis. Just one of our educational blog posts should be enough to get you focused, back on track, and making money.

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