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Work From Home GUILT

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RSS 25 September 2018
As you watch your neighbour scraping ice from their windscreen at 5am in the morning, do you feel guilty? Nearly half of freelancers do.

Not me. If by some quirk of fate I happen to be up at 5am and I watch my neighbour battle the elements just so they can go to the office...then in no time at all I am back in my warm bed with...

No Guilt At All.

Not everybody is like me though. A new survey shows us that 47% of work from home freelancers have guilt about...working from home.

They feel guilty that people have to go in the office everyday to clock in and clock out, while they sit at home with Jeremy Kyle on in the background.

They feel guilty if they don't answer an email straight away or respond to the phone when it rings. Just like Pavlovs Dog, they become trained.

They feel guilty if they don't start their work day until late morning, and then feel guilty if their work day only lasts 4 hours...while everyone in the office is "working" for 8 hours.

The survey, which was conducted by LogMeIn...found that 47% of freelancers think they are being less productive at home.

35% said they felt they should be "more responsive" to email when working remotely, while 24% said they should have to "work more" when working from home.

Here at Freelance Supermarket we say... "Forget about all that nonsense!"

With our permission, we want you to throw your guilt right out the window. Just like when you throw those water bombs at the postman.


"Take that, guilt," you will say.

Feeling guilty about watching Jeremy Kyle on the sofa while those people are in an office slaving away? Then don't. This is the freelance lifestyle right here, and watching some daytime television is one of the benefits of the job.

Feeling guilty about those emails coming through while you are pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock. Then don't. Those emails will still be there at lunchtime, or the afternoon, or even in evening. There is no rush.

Feeling guilty about working half the time an office worker does? Then don't. It doesn't matter how many hours you put in, all that matters is you get the job done. Quality not quantity.

Just like Freelance Supermarket. We are all about quality blog posts on a weekly basis. It's no wonder we are widely regarded as the number 1 Freelance Website in the UK.

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