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48% of Work From Home Freelancers are Lonely

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RSS 18 September 2018
Working from home is great, isn't it? Who wants to go to an office or factory every day. Most people want to stay in bed.

While there are certainly many benefits to working from home such as wearing pyjamas all day and throwing water bombs at the postman...there are also many drawbacks.

One such drawback is loneliness. That house can seem like a mansion for many freelancers, full of empty rooms and echoes every time you talk to yourself.

Just one big empty mansion. No butlers and no gardeners. Just Jeremy Kyle on the TV and a king sofa to put your feet up.

A recent survey conforms this, with 48% of work from home freelancers saying they are lonely. 46% also mentioned it was isolating to be at home by yourself all day, while 32% complained they missed office banter and 29% wished they were still part of a team.

On the other hand, 47% said they enjoyed working by themselves and didn't miss working at the office one bit. 54% went on to say that working from home was "liberating."

It certainly is "liberating" to wear underpants around the house instead of a suit to the office, wouldn't you agree? Some work from home freelancers are even taking it one step further and going...commando!

So what can we take away from this survey? In my opinion it really comes down to this...some people are suited to working from home and some people are not.

Of course, everybody gets lonely from time to time, but if you are feeling that way on a constant basis then it might be a good idea to get yourself back to the workplace.

Another solution might be to get out of house now and again. Go to one of those "co-working spaces" we keep hearing about or just go to the gym and meet some people. Whatever.

Here at Freelance Supermarket HQ loneliness is never an issue. If anyone tried to "co-work" with the number 1 freelance website in the UK they would quickly be shown the front door.

I think it's say to assume that here at Freelance Supermarket we are part of the 47% who enjoy working by themselves.

If you are also part of the 47% then you have found the right website for you.

If you wear underpants (or none at all) then we are for you. If you sleep in bed til noon then we are for you. If changing into pyjamas is your idea of "dressing up" then we are for you. If you have an ongoing battle with a postie in shorts then...yep, we are for you.

Every week we have a new blog post that gives you all of the gossip, news, and views from the freelance world. There is no need to feel lonely when you have FS on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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