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RSS 28 August 2018
A lot of letters are landing on my desk here at Freelance Supermarket HQ recently, all saying the same thing - “I'm not getting paid.”

It's an age old problem of course, but recently, it seems to be getting out of hand, to the point where many of you want Freelance Supermarket to come to the rescue.

While I could change out of my pyjamas and into my cape...I think a better idea would be to simply tell you how to get paid, easier than ever before.

Forget about waiting around for months on end for that cheque to arrive. It isn't going to arrive, trust me on that.

Instead, read my 5 tips below for freelance professionals who just want to get paid.

Tip 1 - Get a direct payment

Cheques and Postal Orders used to be where it was at, back in the day...but today is a new day, and these days it is all about direct payments online.

In other words, you should demand payment through electronic means, such as bank transfer and Paypal.

Tip 2 - Get paid quicker

When you take on big corporations as clients then you assume you have to play by their rules. If they say "payment is every 60 days" then you grin and bear it.

You don't have to grin, and you don't have to bear it though. What you should be doing is negotiating. "No...payment is every 15 days," you say. "Take it or leave it." Most will take it.

Tip 3 - Invoice right away

Want another way to get paid faster than ever before? What you should do is send out invoices right away, instead of waiting a month or two.

Clients are more likely to pay if they get an invoice immediately. However, if you are slow in sending them out then guess what? They are slow in paying.

Tip 4 - "What's your name?"

If you find yourself phoning up these big companies only to be given the run around and sent from department to department, then it's time to do things differently.

Ask for a name, of someone you can talk to in the accounting department and then schedule a time to talk with that person. If you have to phone again to chase up a payment then you can ask to speak directly with that person again.

Tip 5 - Contact the government

If you are still not getting paid then your last option is to contact the government. They are planning to setup a special division to deal with late payments for freelancers, which means you could very soon have the law on your side.

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