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RSS 19 August 2018
A new report landed on my desk this morning and on the first page I saw 4 letters that immediately made me shudder.


Those were the 4 letters staring back at me, and as anyone in the freelance community will know, it is those 4 letters which stand for Independent Professionals and the Self Employed.

Do you know what? I was tempted to throw that report directly in the bin. Those 4 letters are like a red flag to a bull here at Freelance Supermarket.

As regular readers will be well aware, it is the IPSE who have passed us over...year after year...and given out awards to other freelance websites like candy, even though everybody knows we are the true number 1.

Do you know what though? It's time to be the bigger man.

I've already switched alliances to CIF (Creative Industries Federation). I think now is the time to wipe the slate completely clean and forgive IPSE.

So I opened up the report and was surprised to read an optimistic forecast from the researchers over there at IPSE.

After surveying freelancers and contractors, what they have found is that there is a very bright outlook among those questioned.

Apparently confidence is up to a high of "5.3" right now in 2018, while only 3 years ago in 2015 it was at "-14.3."

Yes that is MINUS FOURTEEN POINT THREE...and now we are at FIVE POINT THREE. Times are good in the freelance world it seems.

It would be even better if the best freelance website in the UK had been awarded a trophy...but I've forgot about that now. We are all friends now.

The report by IPSE went on to say they were baffled by the numbers, especially when you consider factors such as Brexit and IR35 reform just looming around the corner. Surely it should be all doom and gloom in the freelance community? Well, it's not.

I'm not baffled by the numbers at all. It's actually easy to understand why freelancers are so happy, especially those freelancers who work from home.

Who wouldn't enjoy getting "lunch in bed" and then laughing to yourself as you think of all those "suckers" in the rat race getting up at the crack of dawn every day.

Then, after a light lunch many freelancers go downstairs to the trusty sofa and then go directly to the "recorded programmes" section on their television set to watch a certain ITV program which regular readers of this blog will know only too well.

If you don't know which TV program I am talking about then you are not a true fan of Freelance Supermarket. I would suggest you read some of our past blog posts to get up to speed.

As far as the report from IPSE goes...I got a bit bored of it to be honest...so it went directly in the bin.

SLAM DUNK!! - Freelance Supermarket 1 - IPSE 0

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