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Work For Amazon...From Home? Yes You Can

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RSS 12 August 2018
Regular readers of Freelance Supermarket will be aware of work from home jobs from companies such as Disney and Apple.

Up until now Amazon have been missing from that list, but now, they are firmly at the top.

This follows news that Amazon have 244 home working opportunities listed on their website where candidates are encouraged to work "remotely" and "virtually."

That's right. It doesn't matter if you live in a log cabin in the woods of Lancashire or you live in a bungalow in the suburbs of Norwich...you are eligible to be hired by Amazon as a homeworker.

Best of all, most of these jobs are full time positions which means you can easily put in 40+ hours per week and get paid handsomely for it.

The benefits are generous as well, and it wouldn't surprise me if you get a staff discount on their site. Great!

As you can imagine, the competition for these Amazon remote jobs is going to be tough, and it wouldn't surprise me if thousands apply for the privilege of being considered.

This means if you want to hear the words "You're Hired," then you need to stand out from the crowd in order to be accepted.

There really are no prizes for being second best on this one. In my opinion you should become familiar with the Amazon 14 Leadership Principles before applying for one of their work from home jobs.

Apparently it is the "playbook" of Amazon workers around the world, which means if you want to become an insider then it really is essential reading.

One of the principles includes "customer obsession," which is something shared by their rivals Disney.

If you remember, when I reported about work from home Disney jobs one of the job descriptions included dressing up as Donald Duck while offering "amazing customer service."

Fortunately, when you work for Amazon you don't have to dress up as Donald or Mickey, although it's worth noting the exact dress code has not yet been specified.

Will Amazon be ok with you working at home in your underpants? As you know, that is one of the main principles of Freelance Supermarket. Something for which we are famous for, of course.

"I work in my pants, all day, every day," is what Freelance Supermarket followers say. They wear it like a badge of honour, so to speak.

Amazon have their own rules though, and if they say the pants have to go...then...the pants have to go. Whatever it takes to get a work from home job with Amazon.

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