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Agile Like a Cat – Most Freelancers Are

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RSS 31 July 2018
Back in school my PE teacher once said I was “agile like a cat,” so he put me in goal. 7 goals later and it turned out he was wrong.

That same PE teacher also used to make us do gym in our underpants if we forgot our shorts. Good times.

In recent times there has been thousands of freelancers working in their underpants every single day. No they haven't forgot their shorts...they simply choose to stay in their pants.

Many freelancers have also identified themselves as being "agile," with 80% saying in a recent survey that they enjoy being agile for their employers, even at some points bending over backwards to accommodate their wants and needs.

"Agile like a cat," is how I would describe today's modern freelancer. Flexible? Yes. Set in their ways? No.

So why are freelancers agile anyway? In my opinion, it has a lot to do with their desire to have a strong work/life balance.

Some days it is all work, work, work...agility, agility, agility. "WOW, you are really agile," said one client.

However, one of the benefits of being a freelancer who works for themselves is you can then have your days where it is all fun, fun, fun. "No need to be agile today," you say to yourself while sitting in the garden in your underpants.

This agility is something which is shared around the world it seems, especially in Asia, where the survey went on to find out just how agile some of these freelancers really are.

For example, in Malaysia and China there was 91% of freelancers who described themselves as agile, while in Singapore that number was at 85%.

The survey went on to discover that younger people are more likely to be agile than mature workers, with 68% of the youth saying they expected to be "always on" when working from home, compared to 39% of those aged between 55 and 67.

So what can YOU take away from this blog post? Firstly, I would say you should feel confident about wearing underpants around the house while working. It isn't taboo...it's normal.

Secondly, I think if you want to be successful in the freelance economy then being "agile" is a must. Employers expect you to go "above and beyond" and if that is what it takes to succeed then you must adapt to be competitive in the marketplace.

Here at Freelance Supermarket HQ our agility knows no bounds, and is the reason why many consider us to be the number 1 freelance website in the UK.

So make sure you check back here on a regular basis, so you can keep up-to-date with all of the latest freelance gossip, news and insider knowledge.

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