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Freelance Plumbers Get Passport to Pimlico...

If you are a freelance plumber who is registered as self employed...then you could be due basic worker rights.

That is the verdict of a judge in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, who recently slammed down the hammer and demanded a freelance plumber called Gary Smith was given worker rights...despite the fact he was VAT registered and filled in his own tax return.

Gary did jobs for a well known plumbing company called Pimlico Plumbers, who he worked with for around 6 years.

He was expected to pay his own tax and National Insurance, just like all self employed freelance contactors are, but, now a judge has decided that despite writing down "self employed" when filling out forms, Gary should be considered a "worker" and will now be entitled to all the benefits which come with that.

Experts have commented on the case, saying this could have huge ramifications within the freelance plumbing world and even in the broader freelance world, especially the gig economy.

Pimlico Plumbers have hit back at the verdict, with Chief Executive of the company, Charlie Mullins having this to say - "I am disgusted by the approach taken to this case by the highest court in the United Kingdom."

Do you know what? I agree with him.

Sitting here on the sofa at Freelance Supermarket HQ and drinking a cup of Green Tea ,this story made me ponder what it means to be a freelance professional.

I talk a lot about how difficult it is to go out on your own and become matter if you work from home or work in other people's homes as a plumber.

It's a tough road, there is no doubt about that, and in my opinion, is a road which is not for everybody.

If you are not prepared to travel the road by yourself then perhaps it isn't the right path for you? The destination for those with the grit and determination to make it is...freelance success = be your own boss.

For everybody else...perhaps you should get a job.

Unfortunately I don't think this is the last we are going to be hearing about freelance plumbers and workers rights. The headlines have been littered with stories just like this in the freelance and gig economy world over the last few years, and something tells me it isn't going away anytime soon.

My conclusion is simple. If you take up a freelance position and agree to be self employed, then it is your choice. Trying to claim "workers rights" 6 years down the line or at anytime down the line is ridiculous.

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