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95% of Businesses Hire Freelancers, But...

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RSS 01 June 2018
What a time to be a freelance professional. There is work coming in left, right, and centre. All you have to do advertise your skills.

A new survey came to the conclusion that 95% of businesses use freelancers on a regular basis.

This includes work from home freelancers of course, the type of job where you can sit at the kitchen table and get paid.

However, despite so many UK businesses relying on self employed freelancers, the survey went on to find that only 1 in 3 have any system or strategy in place to find the talent when they want jobs completing.

In other words, YOUR skills are very much in demand right now, but, many businesses don't know how to find you.

This means when you advertise your services on freelance job sites or your own website then over 60% of businesses are probably not even seeing you.

Many of these businesses use expensive agencies to fill up their staffing needs when they have vacancies, while others simply take a "shotgun" approach to hiring freelancers - Ready, Fire, Aim...and just hope that a freelancer with the right skills lands on their doorstep.

The survey found flexibility is the main reason why so many businesses want to hire a freelancer, with specific expertise being another of the reasons why freelance is the new fashion sweeping our nation right now.

This isn't a fashion that is going out of fashion though. Oh no. It is a fashion which is here to stay, because freelance workers are more in demand than ever before and it will continue to be that way.

Speed and cost are two other reasons why freelance talent is so appealing to UK business owners. They want you NOW and they want you CHEAP.

"Quick and Easy" - could be the headline to your freelance ad. "I can start today for virtually no pay," - could be your opening sentence.

All joking aside there certainly is a lot of opportunity right now for smart freelancers who can put themselves in front of these struggling business owners. They are struggling to find you and have no real system in place to reel you in.

So what do you do? Well, you swim in the right pond and then go hang around where they are fishing, and if you notice some food in the water then go to eat it up, and then...it's a hook.

In no time at all you will be out of the water and in the net. Which is exactly where they want you.

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