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Permit to Work From Home? Freelancers Read This...

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RSS 19 April 2018
Working from home has never been so much fun. You get up when you want, wear what you want and clock in when you want. You are the boss.

This could be about to come crashing down though as it's possible the government might want more control. Not content with taxing you at every available opportunity, it seems that a work from home permit could soon be introduced.

Think I am joking, then think again.

In the USA where freelancing from home is very popular right now, well, in some states and cities freelancers need a permit if they are going to be working from the comfort of their sofa.

Why is this anyway...surely the government don't really care if you are working away on your laptop while watching the TV in the background? They shouldn't, but they do.

What appears to have happened is that years ago when work from home businesses were more like a real business. Things such as hair salons and daycare centres would be run entirely from home, and because customers needed to visit the premises then there was the potential for disruption to the neigbourhood.

These days, your average freelance home worker doesn't even get out of bed until lunchtime, but the work from home permit still remains in America.

Why is that? It's because these government officials are crazed with power...that is why, and also because it still makes them a lot of money.

Here in the UK will politicians look to their American brothers and sisters and then decide to follow suit? They very much could do.

Think about it: If there is one thing that British politicans enjoy more than anything else it's money and power.

When you consider that 50% of the UK workforce are going to be doing some kind of freelance work from home in 10 years time, then it wouldn't surprise me one bit if some kind of permit is introduced.

Kind of like a TV licence. You will have to pay a yearly fee to work from your own kitchen table.

Don't pay the fee? Then expect people to be showing up at your door, and if you ignore it, then looking through your front window to see if they can get a glimpse of you in your pjamas.

If Jeremy Kyle is on the TV but you are nowhere to be seen, then for any work from home permit enforcer that is all the evidence they will need to instantly fine you.

They may even pass your details on to the TV licence inspector. "He was watching Jeremy Kyle, check if he is licenced to do that."

So freelancers of the UK, get ready for the work from home permit and make sure you pay otherwise the inspector is going to be calling.

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