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The “Freelance” Beast From The East

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RSS 13 March 2018
It was only the other week that everybody in the UK was in the firm grip of the so called – beast from the east – a snow storm that lasted for days.

Even here at Freelance Supermarket Headquarters, the snow was piling up outside the front door and going outside became almost impossible.

"I might as well stay in my pyjamas then," I said, before going to put my feet up on the sofa and watch my morning instalment of Jeremy Kyle. The life of a freelancer.

For most people though they had to battle the Beast From The East every step of the way.

They left their homes in the morning to be met with snow and then struggled to get to work on time. Then, after clocking out and leaving the office...more snow.

"It's just not fair," all of these employees were shouting..."should I just refuse to go to work?" While the idea no doubt crossed their mind, many would have stopped short of telling their boss to get lost I would imagine.

With more snow potentially on the way though, many employees are interested to know their rights. Can you simply tell your boss to get lost? Mostly you can't, although some people might be able to.

For example, if you have a contract with your employer and it has a clause (not to be confused with Santa Clause), and that clause says that you will get paid for staying at home in the event of bad weather...then you can swap the wellingtons for slippers and switch on ITV instead of switching on your car.

However, in this type of situation you must be able to prove that you can't get to work. A bit of snow on the ground isn't enough of a reason.

Sometimes, the tables are turned so to speak, and it is your boss that will tell you to get lost and stay at home for the day.

What happens is that your boss could force you to take a day off when the snow is coming down fast, and the day at home would then be counted as a holiday.

In order for this to be legit they do need to give you two days notice, and if they don't, then you can legally refuse.

If your employer does want you to stay at home, or if you can't get out of the house because of the snow...then what typically happens is they will simply ask you to work from home.

This means you get a look at the freelance lifestyle for the day, and for many, it may even prompt them to quit their job and become a freelancer. All thanks to the Beast From The East.

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