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Freelance Construction Workers are “In Demand”

While working from home as a professional freelancers is all well and good, some people like to get out there into the world of action.

That is why some freelance professionals are trading the laptop for the hammer, and their dressing gown for a safety hat. Gone are the days of the sofa and slippers...say hello to the days of high vis jackets and ham sandwiches

Many pundits often completely overlook the influence that construction plays within the freelance world, often referring to them as doing the grunt work for small pay, but, it is these very pundits who don't know what they are talking about.

Sure, a labourer carrying roof tiles up and down a ladder all day is probably doing more grunting than profiting, but for most construction freelance workers they are actually bringing valuable skills to the table.

Not only that, but they are also saving companies millions of pounds a year, mainly due to the fact that by being flexible and working on a project by project basis...they save employers the cost of paying for unused labour downtime.

"Pay Per Project!" is what many companies are now demanding when hiring contractors, and it is the freelance construction workers out there are only too happy to oblige.

A recent report has also given the boot to a myth that often does the rounds...the myth that construction workers are low paid and vulnerable. Not so. In fact, many freelance construction professionals make quite a bit of cash for themselves while only working part time hours.

"Part Timers!" is what some pundits will no doubt shout, but when you consider that many construction workers are taking home more cash than your average "pundit," then it's easy to see who has the last laugh.

I've reported about construction workers getting paid decent cash right here on this blog if you remember. If not, then look it up, "Freelancers Paid £450 a Day In This Industry."

The one piece of advice I always give freelance construction workers is to make sure you get your taxes right. Many people in this industry get paid a lot of money but then don't realise they have certain obligations to the government, such as, paying tax and National Insurance.

The problem is that all this kind of thing is boring and confusing, filling out forms and all that mundane stuff. You want to be out there in the action with your hammer, not sat at home with a tax form.

That is why I recommend every freelance construction worker in the UK to hire an accountant to do their books and sort out their tax returns. They pay for themselves, these accountants, and it leaves you free to do what you do best...making money.

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