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No Stress Freelance Jobs – Just Relax!

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RSS 27 February 2018
One of the main reasons why people choose the freelance lifestyle is because they want less stress. Away from the corporate world and into your pyjamas.

However, what many freelancers find is the career path they choose actually becomes more stressful than when they were working for a boss. All day it is just stress, stress, stress, and yes, more stress.

"sit down and relax, put your feet up," is what my advice would be, although for some getting relaxed is not always that easy.

That is why going to the cause of the problem is often the best solution. In other words, don't try and beat stress...find a freelance job that has no stress.

Even better, find a no stress freelance job that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Get up when you want, get dressed when you want (or not at all), watch Jeremy Kyle in the background, and never have a boss telling you what to do.

If that sounds like a stress free solution to you, then keep reading, because here at Freelance Supermarket headquarters we have identified some of the most relaxing freelance jobs you can do.

One of the jobs is a Materials Scientist, which according to a recent survey has a stress level of only 52. I'm told this is the kind of job you can do in your dressing gown, although you will require some skills to get started.

Next up is a travel agent with a stress level of 56. I'm sure it has something to do with spending most of your day thinking about sandy beaches and the blue sea, who wouldn't be relaxed thinking about that?

The good news is that you can be a freelance travel agent from the comfort of your own home. No need to leave your front door, apart from when you go on holiday of course.

Another stress free freelance job is that of Economist, which has a stress level of 59 according to the survey. This is the kind of job you can do from your armchair with nothing more than a writing pad and pen, just make sure you know a thing or two about the economy otherwise I don't think you are going to make much cash!

There are many other no stress freelance jobs that you can check out, such as writing, website design, or something else being creative. Thanks to CIF many creative freelance professionals are wiping out non payment, something I have reported about before.

The best way to be stress free when freelance? In my opinion just do something you enjoy and that will be enough.

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