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The Future of Freelance is Alone

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RSS 01 February 2018
Imagine working 40 hours a week and never seeing another person. No handshakes and no power lunches...just your sofa and slippers.

Of course, this is already standard practice for many freelancers in the UK, but some experts are suggesting that in a futuristic Britain this could be the reality for all freelancers...and even traditional employees.

A recent survey showed that 42% of workers already spend some of their time doing so called "remote work." Fast forward 10 or 20 years and that could easily be 90% or more.

Not only that, but another survey found that 30% of UK office workers consider themselves to be a lot more productive when working from home. If they get more work done that way then doesn't it make sense to do it? I would say so.

Not everybody is convinced though, with some professionals claiming that working in this kind of environment could potentially have consequences for our mental health.

Many freelancers will fall into a routine of sitting at the kitchen table in their underwear and then working at the laptop for a few hours before going on the sofa to watch Jeremy Kyle.

There is no more face to face meetings or coffee room talk...all that is left is the sound of silence, which leads us to the question...if a freelancer puts the kettle on in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, then does the freelancer really exist? It is these kind of questions that could very well make us question our very existence and launch a debate among experts about the philosophical issues that surround the freelance lifestyle.

What about this futuristic freelance society, how will it look exactly? According to scientists many home workers would begin their day by putting on a virtual headset and checking their daily tasks and goals.

We might even have robotic assistants who also live in the house and are predicted to be equipped with a supercomputer. It's even possible the robot could do most of the work, so to speak, while your average freelancer just sits back and relaxes, while giving the occasional direction.

For some people, this is the kind of future they want and it is the freelance lifestyle they dream of, however, for others it might not exactly be ideal.

A spokesperson for the American Psychological Association had this to say - "for some people, freelance is not a good fit...the lack of informal interactions with co-workers throughout the day wears on them."

That is very true if you ask me, because some people are just not cut out for the work from home freelance lifestyle.

For others it's a different story, and as long as they don't get too isolated then the future of freelance with virtual reality and robots may be just what they are looking for.

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