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Dress Up To Work From Home? My Opinion

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RSS 27 November 2018
A new article recently landed on my desk here at Freelance Supermarket. It was taken from the Guardian Newspaper.

The topic? "Why I Dress Up to Work From Home...And You Should Too."

Immediately I wondered what "dressing up" meant? Does the author mean dressing up as in fancy dress? Like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse perhaps? After reading the first paragraph I was put at ease.

The Guardian Says: "Sweatpants are out...dress if you mean business."

So the author is basically saying you should lose the trackie bottoms or pyjama shorts and put on a nice pair of trousers and a shirt.

The Guardian Says: "You don't have to wear designer gear."

That was my first objection overcome. If I am going to dress up then at least I won't have to fork out for the "Pierre Cardin" shirts at Sports Direct. I can keep with the "3 for £10 Lee Cooper" shirts.

Sounds good so far...

The Guardian Says: "If a client phones up, will you feel on your game if you are still in your pants?"

Firstly, I don't answer the phone...the answerphone takes care of that for me. People that know me know not to phone me.

Secondly, if I do find myself on the phone it wouldn't matter to me if I was wearing pants...or no pants at all. Although I hear those "phone lines" are quite expensive.

The Guardian Says: "And what if the client wants to meet up? Being dressed for business will stand you in good stead"

Why does anybody need to meet anybody? Most work from home freelancers just want to get the job done with the least amount of hassle. They don't want endless meetings and water cooler talk. They want to get up at noon, watch Jeremy Kyle, lounge around in their pants, ignore the phone and not leave the house.

That is the Freelance Supermarket way of doing things and thousands of work from home freelancers agree.

The Guardian Says: "I love the fact that the freelance stylist Yvadney Davis has been known to sit at her desk wearing her Miu Miu shoes"

You know, that's probably because she is a "stylist" and its her job to do that. For those freelancers who are not into style or fashion, then wearing a pair of Miu Miu's is not practical at all.

Here at Freelance Supermarket I am going to pass on the Miu Miu shoes and stick with my Londales from Sports Direct. And I only wear them when I leave the house.

At this point I think it is safe to assume that Freelance Supermarket and The Guardian will never agree on the freelance lifestyle and what to wear.

And so...The Guardian has just gone on the way of so many others...directly into the rubbish bin, ready for collection on Monday.

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